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Master of 艺术 in Marriage and 家庭治疗 (MA-MFT)

With on-site clinic
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Dynamic training and quality practicum

Dynamic training meets a quality practicum.

Mount Mercy University’s Master of 艺术 in Marriage & 家庭治疗(MA-MFT)是爱荷华州唯一获得婚姻和家庭治疗教育认证委员会(comfte)认证的项目。.

我们的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位旨在通过我们的现场提供研究型课程和实践经验 奥尔森的婚姻 & 家庭治疗 Clinic.

在Mount Mercy获得婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位, and help individuals 和家庭 live more productive lives.

What can you do with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy?

Through our Master of 艺术 in Marriage & 家庭治疗, 你将获得必要的技能,在各种环境中成为一名有效的治疗师或顾问. After completing your post-graduate supervised hours, 你将有资格获得婚姻和家庭治疗师的执照.

Why a Master’s in Marriage & 家庭治疗 from Mount Mercy?

We're proud to offer the only COAMFTE-accredited MA-MFT program in Iowa.

在全国100多个认可的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位课程中, ours is one of only a few with an underpinning in neuroscience, 让人们更加意识到环境和文化是如何塑造一个人的.

我们的婚姻和家庭治疗项目基于这样一种观点,即寻求心理治疗援助的个体受到一系列复杂因素的影响. 治疗师需要接受培训,了解这些动态系统,以帮助个体, 夫妻, 和家庭.

  • 经历一个 课程 that keeps pace with the times
  • Learn from practicing professionals
  • 加入一个支持性的团队,加强和庆祝归属感和多样性
  • Gain critical professional experience in our on-site 奥尔森的婚姻 & 家庭治疗 Clinic

As you work toward your master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, you’ll grow your professional network and prepare to lead in the field.

Earn your marriage and family therapy master’s degree on your schedule

享受你的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位的灵活性 一种格式 这有助于你平衡工作、学习和所有其他责任.

  • 不需要GRE
  • Enjoy manageable 5- and 10-week blocks
  • Evening classes each week
  • 在24个月内完成你的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位

What can you do in our Master of 艺术 in Marriage & 家庭治疗 program?

我们的婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位将课堂学习与实践临床经验相结合. Work alongside professors who are practicing professionals. Gain beyond-the-classroom learning in our 奥尔森的婚姻 & 家庭治疗 Clinic.

我们的 MA-MFT provides individualized and student-driven learning, 允许您在高度个性化的环境中与教师一起工作.

Avary Brinker MFT

A lot of people I work with have gone through this program. 我看到了他们与他人合作的方式,只是欣赏他们在与人合作时所带来的能量和体贴.

What will you learn in our Master of 艺术 in Marriage & 家庭治疗 program?

婚姻与家庭治疗硕士课程将两年的研究课程与第二年的一年临床课程相结合. Required classes include Family Systems, 道德, 微格咨询, and Models of Marriage and 家庭治疗, 等. 

选修一些有特色的选修课——包括神经科学、灵性、创伤、成瘾 & 暴力.

获得婚姻和家庭治疗硕士学位后,准备帮助个人, 夫妻, 家庭, 和孩子.


How can I afford a master’s in marriage and family therapy?

You may be eligible for scholarships and loan programs. The first step is to complete your FAFSA, which helps determine state and federal aid available to you. 我们的 federal school code is 001880. 博彩平台的 金融援助 Office with any questions.

Get started on your marriage and family therapy master’s degree

申请将于二月的第一周接受并审核,并于八月开学. 我们的 graduate admissions team 这里是为了帮助你实现你的教育目标和回答你的问题吗.

If you have any questions about applying or if you want to schedule a tour of the Olson MFT Clinic,请联系 Makenzie鲁斯

  • 完成你的 应用程序
    • Applications are closed for the 2024 MA-MFT cohort. 有兴趣的学生欢迎在9月份申请2025年的课程.

    • 我们鼓励您在9月份开学后尽快完成申请. Applicants will be considered until the cohort is full.

  • Request official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. 电子邮件 或邮寄至:
Mount Mercy University
1330埃尔姆赫斯特博士ive NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-4797
  • Personal interview with program faculty
    • 面试将从2月份开始,一直持续到4、5月份.
  • 你的简历,记录在人类服务领域的志愿者或专业经验

  • 提交两个人的名字和联系方式,他们可以说明你在婚姻和家庭治疗项目中取得成功的能力. (见 应用程序 for further instruction). 不需要GRE.